Hi and welcome. My name is Beesham Soogrim, I was born in St. Pierre, a village on the beautiful island of Mauritius. I became a vegetarian chef at the age of 20 and have  garnered extensive cooking and baking experience through travel and work. Since 2003, I am settled in Höör Sweden where I work as a vegetarian chef for a Waldorf school and have assisted in the opening of two vegetarian restaurants in Sweden and Oslo.

In 2012, I became very active on different bread forums on Facebook. Through posting pictures of my work and bread, I became accepted as a professional in the baking world.

I run workshops to share my passion and knowledge in natural fermentation using different starters and different flours including heritage varieties, highly-hydrated country breads, viennoiserie, ciabattas, focaccia, and pizza. All are naturally leavened.

I accept invitations to run workshops around the world and so far, I have held workshops in Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Mauritius, Singapore, Taiwan, Serbia, Hungary, Bangalore India, USA Maine, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Bangkok Thailand, St Petersburg Russia.

Check for upcoming workshops on my Facebook page or register your interest via my contact page. Hopefully we will meet soon.  Meanwhile, eat healthy, live happy and happy baking.