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25 Years

of experience in Sourdough baking and sharing his passion worldwide, Laz Film AB has now, together with Beesham, created the world's first and biggest All-In-One Sourdough MasterClass.


Beesham Soogrim

Today Beesham is a vegetarian chef at Höörs Waldorf School and also hosts workshops and shares his knowledge in Sourdough baking with people from all over the world. He hosts workshops in Sweden and abroad, he has held workshops in Belgium, Bulgaria Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Mauritius, Singapore, Taiwan, Serbia, Hungary, Russia, India, Thailand and USA.

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Beesham the Baker


Students from all over the world have already joined the SMC Family. They are supporting and helping each other on their sourdough journey. It's a multicultural community with a lot of heart. Come and join us today and let's start to bake real bread for you and your family in your own home kitchen.

Beesham "the baker" Soogrim​

…was born in St. Pierre, Mauritius, and started working as a chef at the age of 20. He left Mauritius to travel and work as a vegetarian chef in India, South Africa, and Norway. In 1990 he was involved in the opening of two successful vegetarian restaurants in Oslo.

From Norway, he moved to Sweden where he has been based for the past 30 years. It was in Sweden that he first came in contact with Sourdough baking and his fascination and passion for this handcraft led him to become an artisan baker. In the small town of Höör, surrounded by forest and lakes, he works as a vegetarian chef.

Sourdough Baking

Sourdough baking is one of the oldest techniques for fermenting bread and is dated back to ancient Egypt. The first Sourdough was probably created by mistake as someone had combined flour with water and let it sit too long. Up until the industrial revolution and the commercial yeast almost all bread contained some kind of Sourdough. But it had no chance against the effective commercial yeast and it’s presence in the world of baking faded. Today however, thanks to people becoming more healthconscious, the Sourdough has made it’s comeback. The base of a Sourdough is a starter – made by flour and water that through natural fermantation creates a culture of lactic bacteria and a culture of natural yeast. The fermentation gives the bread a different taste and texture and has many health benefits. It is the lactic bacteria that causes the sour taste. All Sourdoughs are different depending on the structure of the flour used and how often it is feeded. The Sourdough that you create will be unique and of you treat right – it can be used for generations.

Heritage Grains

To take his baking to the next level, Beesham uses high quality and mostly organic ingredients. Heritage Grains are non-refined grains, as they where grown before massproduction. Mass market grains are developed to be resistant and able to produce large harvests. Heritage Grains are known to be better tolerated by people who are sensitive to bread and gluten.

Beesham knew nothing about heritage grains until he met Hans Larsson, founder of Allkorn – the society for heritage grains in Sweden. Hans Larsson has been doing research on heritage grains for many years and is the creator of the famous Ölands vete. Hans has over 250 varieties of heritage grains on his farm and seeing this was mind-blowing and enlightening for Beesham.

In the small region Skåne, where Beesham lives, over 500 varieties of heritage grains are grown. Beesham had the privlege to take part of a project with Hans, growing the variety Italer in Holma, Höör. Italer has a high percentage of protein and a dark color. It was one of the best kinds of flour Beesham had ever baked with.
Beesham also worked on a project called ”Our Beloved Bread” with Hans and Bengt-Göran Karlsson in charge. The project was supported and sponsered by the Swedish government. The goal of the project was to bring heritage grains back to the market and to encourage farmers from southern Sweden to start growing them. Beeshams part in the project has been to do test baking with the different varieties of flours and hosting workshops.

Good Friends

I am forever grateful to the following persons

In 2006 I had the good fortune of meeting master baker Manfred Enoksson who has been a major source of inspiration for me to get into sourdough baking. And he has helped me run my first workshop.

After following my work on facebook for several years, Spanish master baker Josep Pascual invited me, in October 2015, to become part of an international team including world and European master baker Ezio Marinato and other great bakers.

In March 2016, I went to Spain as an assistant to a fantastic team of master bakers, among whom was American Peter Yuan who is known as the King of pastries.

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