Bake sourdough in the world’s biggest sourdough masterclass!
Learn with Beesham, a master baker with 25 years of sourdough experience and the heart of a teacher.

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Learn to bake artisan sourdough bread in your own home kitchen. Beesham’s most popular course!
  • Learn Beesham’s easy “no discard” sourdough starter method
  • Learn how to prepare your dough and different techniques and methods for sourdough baking
  • Taught in a home kitchen without expensive, complicated supplies
  • 29 sourdough recipes
  • 16+ hours of training content
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Online community for class participants
Learn to bake gluten-free bread with slow and long fermentation and natural ingredients.
  • Use only 100% natural ingredients—no gum!
  • Enjoy delicious gluten-free bread made at home with gluten-free starter
  • 20 gluten-free recipes including pizza and cinnamon buns
  • 6+ hours of training content
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Online community for class participants
Learn to bake brioche, panettone and other advanced sweetdoughs.
  • Learn to bake sweetdough recipes following Beesham’s advanced baking methods
  • Step-by-step instruction to help you successfully complete these complex bakes
  • 19 sweetdough recipes including brioche, panettone, stollen, donut, and croissant
  • 9+ hours of training content
  • Suitable for advanced bakers
  • Online community for class participants

what participants Say

“This online course is a game changer!!!”
“I tried the Country Sourdough bread. Enjoying the process and lots more to try out. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge.”
D. Inanda
“You are an expert, not just at your craft, but also an expert in teaching your craft. Thank you for taking so much time to show us how to succeed, how to have fun, and how to nourish ourselves and our loved ones.”
A. Kavros
So beautiful and soooo good taste! With olives and sundried tomatoes. Thank you again, dear Beesham! Love your videos and really appreciate them.”
C. Moldovan-Florea
“This is a great video course you have made. It is good you use a home oven and we can relate to your bakes. Because most of us are using home oven. If you have used the commercial oven then the bakes will turn out different. Thank you very much for introducing this course to me. I am going to watch it intensely to improve my sourdough baking.”
Mike LJP
I have been in love with baking sourdough bread. Thank you Beesham Soogrim putting in the effort to create such wonderful videos that allows us to learn in any part of the world!”
I. Lakhamsey

Beesham Soogrim, a professional chef and artisan baker, began his culinary journey in Mauritius in his twenties. After cooking as a vegetarian chef in India, South Africa, and Norway, he co-founded two successful vegetarian restaurants in Oslo in 1990. For the past few decades, he’s called Sweden home. Based in the rural town of Höör, he balances his roles as a vegetarian chef and artisan sourdough baker, teaching workshops both locally and internationally, including countries in Europe, Asia and North America.


Beesham’s starter in the Sourdough Library in Belgium.
Interview by Mike Hilburn of The Sourdough Podcast
Recipe video on Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s largest daily publications


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Bake the most amazing bread at home, from your home oven - Focaccia, Pain Au Levain, Ciabatta, Croissant, Country Loaf, Baguette, Burger Buns, Viking Bread, Nutrition Bread, 30+ RECIPES!

Beesham the Baker


Bake the most amazing sourdough pizza. We have added a whole module only for sourdough pizza. Have the best pizza parties at home- from your own home oven!


Sourdough MasterClass


SMC Family is our private sourdough community. Everything regarding The All-In-One Sourdough Masterclass is discussed here. To be a member of the SMC family comes with many benefits, such as:

Students from all over the world have already joined the SMC Family. They are supporting and helping each other on their sourdough journey. It’s a multicultural community with a lot of heart. Come and join us today and let’s start to bake real bread for you and your family in your own home kitchen.

Just have a look at what my students have to say about my ALL-IN-ONE Sourdough Masterclass. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity—what a fantastic time to be alive. We have gathered students from over 100 countries. From all continents! I could never dream of this. Thank you all.

God bless and see you next.