Beesham Soogrim was born in St. Pierre, Mauritius and started working as a chef at the age of 20. He left Mauritius to travel and work as a vegetarian chef in India, South Africa and Norway. In 1990 he was involved in the opening of two successful vegetarian restaurants in Oslo.

From Norway he moved to Sweden where he has been based for the past 30 years. It was in Sweden that he first came in contact with Sourdough baking and his fascination and passion for this handcraft led him to become an Artisan baker. In the small town Höör, surrounded by forest and lakes, he worked as a Chef Baker at Holma Organic farm for several years.

Today he is the Head Chef at Höörs Waldorf School and also hosts workshops and shares his knowledge in Sourdough baking with people from all over the world. He hosts workshops in Sweden and abroad, he has held workshops in Belgium, Bulgaria Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Mauritius, Singapore, Taiwan, Serbia, Hungary, Russia, India, Thailand and USA.

He actively shares his passion through social media and his vision is to share his knowledge and inspire people to enjoy the many benefits of Sourdough bread.